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Benefits of Massage

Feelings of relaxation and contentment

Relief from pain (e.g. hormones)

Improved blood and lymph circulation

Increased energy levels

Relief of arthritis and muscle pain

Sense of health and wellbeing

Which Massage Service is Best-Suited to Your Needs?

Here’s a review of our services for both ladies and gentlemen:


Whilst Thai Massage has been influenced by Indian, Chinese and other South East Asian practices, it has its own unique characteristics. Try our new therapeutic massage to help alleviate those aches and pains.

While each session is tailored to the individual, Thai massage typically takes the following form:

The massage recipient is asked to lie on a firm mat or massage table (depending on your preference) and is often positioned in an array of yoga-style stretches and positions. Deep rhythmic pressures are performed resulting in a state of deep relaxation and well-being.

Treatments consist of 60, 90 or 120-minute sessions.


During the oil massage blends of essential oils are used.

Oil massage is applied with rhythmic pressure across the body’s meridians to revitalise your body.

A hot towel is placed on your back to complement our treatment.


Traditional Thai Massage decrees that there are over 7000 pressure points on the sole of the foot.

By applying pressure to specific areas, a reflex action in another region of the body is stimulated. Pressure expertly applied, can enhance well-being.


Among our new special offers is our back, head and shoulders treatment.

It will help to release all the tension and toxins that have accumulated in the muscles, tissues, joints of the head, shoulders, neck and face.

Treatments consist of 60, 90 or 120-minute sessions.

Treatments consist of 30 or 60-minute sessions.

Treatments consist of 15, 30 or 60-minute sessions.

What Happens During A Massage?

Typically, a full body massage lasts for approximately 60 minutes, Your therapist may use oils or creams during the massage to help nourish the skin, and allow a fluid, free-flowing massage.

You respond to a massage both physically, for example, the massage may reduce muscle stiffness or increase joint mobility. Psychological benefits can include improving self-esteem.

A massage helps you to relax and unwind as a counter to a stressful lifestyle.

Qualified Therapist

Your local therapist is fully qualified with 12 years ‘experience both in Thailand and Europe. Her certificates include:

The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society certificate of successful completion of 150-hour training programme in Thai Massage.

The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society certificate of successful completion of 372-hour training programme in Thai Massage. Pathumthani Provincail Centre for Skill Development Certificate as NUAD THAI

PRACTITIONER (Traditional Thai Massage)

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We have special offers (If you purchase 6 treatments you get the seventh free)

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